Physical and Mindful Exercises to do from the comfort of your own home.

Physical and mental excercise to keep you sane at home.


Covid-19 has undoubtedly disrupted all our lives and daily schedules in more ways than we ever could have imagined. With cases, unfortunately, spiking back-up here in the UK, we'll be seeing even more disruption to our lives and spending even more time at home.

It’s more important than ever that we all stay physically and mentally healthy during these times, that’s why we’ve put together this little list of Physical and Mindful exercises for you to do from the comfort of your own home.


Physical Exercise.

We all know it’s important to stay physically healthy at the best of times, but keeping in shape is even more important in the current climate. With gyms closed and team sports put back on hold, you might be finding it hard to get your daily dose of exercise.

Here’s our top 4 physical exercise activities to do from home:

excercises to do from home - sit-ups

1. Sit-Ups.

Introducing sit-ups into your routine can help boost your core strength and even improve your digestion. They’re also super easy to modify when you feel like the standard sit-up becomes too easy, just add an incline or some weights to the mix.


Excercises to do from home - burpbees

2. Burbees

Burbees are a very effective way to get the whole body moving in a small amount of space. We guarantee after a few reps of these your heart rate will be up.

Excercises to do from home - Push ups

3. Push-Ups.

One of the most basic, yet effective, muscle-building moves you can perform using just your own body weight. Come-on drop down and give us 20!


excercises to do from home - lunges

4. Lunges

For a well-rounded exercise routine, challenge your balance with some lunges.They’re also great for improving the strength in your legs and glutes.



Even just 20 minutes of mindfulness a day has been proven to help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and reduce chronic pain. Mindful exercises can especially help us through times like these as they help us regulate our emotions, focus our attention, and observe our thoughts.

Here’s our top 3 mindful activities for you to try from home...


1. Breathing Exercises.

One of the best – yet most overlooked – stress management tools is our breath. Deep breathing exercises have a huge effect on your state of mind, helping you ground yourself and destress.


Yoga from home

2. Yoga.

This could also be put above in the ‘Physical Exercise’ section of this blog, but we really think it belongs here. When you completely concentrate on a yoga routine, we guarantee you won’t be able to think about anything else going on in your life.


Meditate at home

3. Stillness Exercise.

The word meditation can feel a be intimidating, so instead try practicing stillness by focusing on your breath or an image.