5 common mistakes to avoid when designing your bespoke Bowls Club Kit.


A bespoke sublimated kit for your Bowls Club boosts team spirit and helps your club to stand out on the green. While the process of building a custom club kit is generally pretty straight-forward, making small mistakes can blow-out your time-frame and strain your budget.

When you’ve been in the business as long as us, you start to recognise the most common mistakes Clubs make. To ensure your club doesn’t make the same mistakes, we’ve compiled this handy little list.


Mistake 1: Not thinking about the whole Kit.

Often times it’s just not feasible to get a whole club kit all at once. For example, many of our customers might start off with a set of club polos and then, later down the track, they will organise their club jackets or trousers to match – which is perfectly fine! However, sometimes when our customers work this way, they don’t think about how the design on their first garment will work for the pieces they are hoping to get later. 

If your organising your club kit gradually, we recommend that from the get-go you have pretty clear ideas of the pieces you’d like to get in the future and how your design will work for all of these garments.  


Mistake 2: Typos in club or players names

Errors or Typos in the words on your kit can be disastrous. If even the smallest error ends up on your final garments, it can deem them unwearable, and result in a complete re-do.

While we can generally spot typos in English words, we don’t know the correct spelling of your clubs or players names as well as you do. Make sure to double (or even triple) check that you’ve got the spelling of any proper nouns on your design correct.


Mistake 3: Overcomplicated Design

One mistake we often see is over-complicated, intricate designs. While it’s great to have a unique and bold design for your club kit, you don’t want to complicate it. Designs that are too intricate will end up looking messy and hinder the legibility of the elements you need to stand out like your club logo or players name. 

We recommend that when your thinking about the design you’d like on your kit that you stick to one concept and keep it simple - Less is more after all!


Mistake 4: Poor Logo/Artwork Quality

One common mistake Clubs make when submitting their logo or their own artwork is neglecting the file quality. Low-resolution artwork files will result in poor quality sublimation. 

If you want to design the artwork for your club kit yourself, as opposed to enlisting our in-house designers to do it, then you’ll want to check the quality of the file and ensure it’s of high-resolution before you send it through to us.

On the other hand, if our designers are doing it for you, you just need to make sure that the logo you provide is a high-quality, vector file.


Mistake 5: Glancing over your mock-up

Before we start production on your kit, we’ll always send through a mock-up of the artwork for approval. Once approved this is the artwork that will end up on your final garments so it’s super important that you look at it carefully.

As with any proof-reading, it’s always a good idea to have 2 people from your club take a look at this mock-up because small errors can be easily missed.


Ready to start your club kit design? Take a look at our range online, try out our Design your Own tool, or get in touch with our sales representative!